M and I had such a good meal last week! Martin’s work colleague Bryan recommended Bistrotheque near Cambridge Heath. It’s in a truly bizarre spot. I’m used to restaurant gems being relatively hidden in London, but Bistrotheque is the most hidden of the lot. Located on a quiet residential street, the only thing which guided us to it was noise emanating from it. Even the entrance is hard to find. Continue reading


Dorée and Co

Nestled on Chatsworth Road is one of the smallest cafes I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, Dorée and Co.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 18.19.27

It’s tiny; 4 tables crammed in, a jumbled counter selling homemade French patisserie and a kitchen. That’s it. How they manage to make all their fabulous patisserie on site is beyond me; it looks like a nigh on impossible task. However, they’ve managed to make use of all available space – from hooks for hanging cups off to little nooks for eggs. Continue reading