Costa Rica Beginnings

It’s definitely about time I talked more about Costa Rica.

I really recommend it if you want to go somewhere really exciting but you have limited time. It’s a small country so you can really see most of it in a couple of weeks. Continue reading


Hatch Homerton

Annoying and most boringly (is that even a word???) I had some work to do last Saturday.

Rather than sit stewing at home, I turned to Instagram.

Instagram is my absolute favourite way of finding new cafes and restaurants and I wasn’t disappointed when Hatch Homerton popped up on my feed.

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M and I had such a good meal last week! Martin’s work colleague Bryan recommended Bistrotheque near Cambridge Heath. It’s in a truly bizarre spot. I’m used to restaurant gems being relatively hidden in London, but Bistrotheque is the most hidden of the lot. Located on a quiet residential street, the only thing which guided us to it was noise emanating from it. Even the entrance is hard to find. Continue reading