Hatch Homerton

Annoying and most boringly (is that even a word???) I had some work to do last Saturday.

Rather than sit stewing at home, I turned to Instagram.

Instagram is my absolute favourite way of finding new cafes and restaurants and I wasn’t disappointed when Hatch Homerton popped up on my feed.

Promising a heady selection of cafe, bar, barbers and workspace, I simply had to pay a visit.

Hatch Homerton is hidden down Mackintosh Lane, right next door to Homerton overground. It’s a higgledy piggledy mismatch of styles and furniture and is all the more charming for it. Although the weather was beautiful, I chose to sit inside to take in my surroundings.

While I nestled down to my work emails, a guy behind me was (obviously) getting his beard trimmed and people upstairs were making use of the workstations.

There’s plenty on sale in the form of artisan candles from East Wick to wooden spoons and chopping boards made by Grain and Knot. I love how local everything is.

The cafe produce is of the highest quality, too, with coffee from Caravan, tea from Yumchaa and 26 Grains cereals and granola.

I’m determined to call again soon, in the evening, when I can stow away my laptop and get down to some serious pale ale tasting.

Find Hatch Homerton on Mackintosh Lane, E9 6AB


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