Costa Rica!

Sorry for my absence, dear readers, I’ve been crazy busy since I returned from the wondrous place that is Costa Rica!

M and I had been yearning to get away somewhere super exciting for aaaaaaages, but we had delayed and delayed. Going long haul is so expensive compared with a short city break in Europe. Then it’s a matter of agreeing diaries and time off. However, finally, on examining my tutees’ exam timetable, a date was picked – the 18th June (the day after the last OCR physics exam!) when I would no longer be needed.

Having travelled (relatively) extensively around Asia, we were both keen to travel to Central/South America, however, we were hugely restricted by time. M is allowed to take a maximum of 2 weeks off at any one time. That meant that enormous places such as Brazil were out of the question. After a great deal of research, we picked Costa Rica.

We’re both really interested in ecology and natural history and seeing as ‘Costa Rica’ translates into the Rich Coast, it seemed the obviously choice. It’s exceptionally varied. Although only 200 miles across, you get huge variety of climates. The East Coast is the Caribbean and the West Coast is the Pacific Ocean and between them lies an incredible stretch of Jungle.

Wanting to fit in as much as possible, we decided to book on to a tour. I, in particular, had reservations about it. What if we didn’t get on with the other people? What if all the travelling around was just a bit too much? Luckily all my fears were unfounded. Our group was wonderful! There were 13 of us altogether, like minded and easy going. Far from being something to be worried about, being in a group was what made the holiday even more amazing.

In future posts I’ll talk about what we exactly we go up to, but for now I’ll share a selection of snapshots from our holiday.


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