5 Year Musings

M and I have been together for 5 years now! In some ways I can’t believe it – 5 years just sounds like an eternity. However I can’t remember, and, don’t want to think of a time, when M didn’t feature in my life.


Since we met back in our final year of university, so much has changed. I qualified as a science teacher, whilst M spent a year temping in Cambridge before moving into a career in consultancy. We then made the big move to London which I initially struggled with. I think moving to such a big, busy place was always going to be quite the shock, but now that my feet are capable of walking literally 10 miles every day, and I’ve become immune to everything London tube-life can throw at me, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.

After 3 happy years renting in Clapham, we took the plunge and bought a flat together in a totally different part of London, Walthamstow. It has been so much fun discovering the treasures North of the river.

Looking back over all that has happened it is now unsurprising to me that 5 years have passed. I’m so lucky that in M I have a best friend. We literally do everything together. Some people might find this stifling, but for us it just works. Our shared passion for food sees us spending most weekend hunting out new places to eat and drink at.

When marking our 5 year anniversary, therefore, we simply had to go for dinner. M chose the Social Eating House and I’m so glad he did; it was amazing.

I started with mushrooms in a bag on toast.

M chose parsley and bramley apple soup with Orkney scallop and crispy pork skin.

We both went for the venison main which came with date jam and crispy kale.

We finished off with dessert. M chose a rhubarb creme brullee with crumble topping.

Whilst I went for a passion fruit, pineapple and meringue concoction. I love really tart, sharp desserts but even this was a little too much for me.

Altogether it was a fabulous evening, spent with my absolute favourite person in the whole world. Let’s see what the next 5 years brings…


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