White Living Room

I am the worst blogger! I’m sorry for my shockingly long absence. I work full time as a professional science tutor and I never imagined that I would be this busy. The Easter period has been manic, but I’m determined to cobble together a post now. We’ve been busy decorating our living room. I say ‘we’ very lightly. M has been exceptionally busy. I’ve taken a more back seat driving approach, busying myself with ‘artistic direction’. Either way, it’s finally finished and I wanted to share the results. Thanks M!! We ordered some lights and filament bulbs from Amazon. And used some crates for cheap shelving. We wanted some extra seating, in addition to our large sofa, so picked these up from Ikea. We’re still really pleased with our dining table and chairs which I previously blogged about here. As our walls are so very white, we decided to brighten up one with a little art installation. I’m currently obsessed with all green plants; our house is full of ivy and succulents. I thought that ivy would be so easy to look after. I was wrong and actually managed to kill my first plant. Apparently they need loads of watering. We’re still on the hunt for a rug. If anyone has any recommendations, we’d be very grateful!


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