Dorée and Co

Nestled on Chatsworth Road is one of the smallest cafes I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, Dorée and Co.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 18.19.27

It’s tiny; 4 tables crammed in, a jumbled counter selling homemade French patisserie and a kitchen. That’s it. How they manage to make all their fabulous patisserie on site is beyond me; it looks like a nigh on impossible task. However, they’ve managed to make use of all available space – from hooks for hanging cups off to little nooks for eggs. Continue reading


Picture Perfect

M and I don’t do fine dining too much these days. We’re too busy stuffing our faces at Street Feasts and eating on the hoof. However, with cold, dark evenings settling in we’re far more inclined to stay inside a cosy, warm restaurant these days.

To this end, it brings me on to Bookatable’s Star Deal. I like to keep an eye on Star Deal, as sometimes, just sometimes, there’s an offer which is too good to miss out on. Continue reading

London Borough of Jam

The nearest overground to us, Wood Street, takes us to Liverpool Street. This is excellent because what Liverpool Street station really means is Shoreditch. As a result, most weekends see M and I wandering the streets of Shoreditch and Hoxton to see what treasures we can find.

However, I’ve been intrigued by what else is out there, in the ether of our overground line. One of the stops on the way to Liverpool Street is Clapton and, having never ventured there, and with nothing else in particular to do last Saturday, M and I disembarked the train and had a little explore. Continue reading

London Food Markets #5 Broadway Market

Boy, is this post long overdue! I’ve been meaning to visit Broadway market again for what feels like a life time!

On Saturday, M and I finally dragged our bikes out of the shed and, after a few false starts, (flat tyres, going back for waterproofs, almost forgetting our locks), we eventually managed to cycle the 7 miles along London’s canals to Broadway market.

Continue reading