My Instagram is liberally littered with pictures of her.

I think it’s about time I did a blog post on Lyra, our new kitten.

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Spaghetti Meatballs Recipe

We recently had a housewarming party. M’s friends were down from Manchester and I had lots of people to feed. I love cooking so I really wanted to cook; ordering in pizza, although tempting, seemed rather a cop out. I was racking my mind for a recipe which everyone was bound to like and that could be prepared a few days ahead, and that’s when I decided on spaghetti meatballs.

Spaghetti meatballs is a great recipe to feed to a hungry crowd. Firstly, it seems universally adored, secondly, it’s budget friendly as using a mixture of pork and beef mince really lowers the price. Thirdly, this recipe can be halved, doubled, tripled, quadrupled…super easily. Together with the low price ingredients, you can feed hungry hoards relatively inexpensively. Continue reading

Rotorino Review

Boy am I loving life north of the river! There are just so many new parts of London to explore and get my teeth stuck into.

I don’t know the Hackney area at all. Apart from my brief stint when I worked at the Ginger Pig on Lauriston Road and, christ that was a long cycle from Clapham, I’ve rarely even visited the area. My first visit to Dalston was my visit to Pork Life (see my previous post), therefore, M and I thought it was about time we explored the area a little more. We took the train to Hackney Downs and walked along to Dalston.

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I’m a long standing fan of Street Feast London. Their ability to turn run down pieces of London into a foodie and arts heaven is remarkable.


My love for Street Feast started at Model Market in Lewisham which I wrote about here. When we were still in Clapham, we ventured closer to home and enjoyed a stint at Battersea Power Station, but now I’m in Walthamstow, Dalston is certianly the most convenient.

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Wardrobe Wars

To say our house is a little project would be a huge understatement. When we took it on, we knew that we pretty much had to redecorate from top to bottom. We also knew that with all the decoration in the world, there would be little we could do to the butt ugly 1950s pink pebble dashed exterior.


Has anyone else found a horrendous sense of anti-climax on entering their new home for the first time? When we were given the key we positively ran up to our front door so eager were we to see our new home. On turning the key, however, it was another story. Everything was in far worse repair than we remembered, and coupled with the liberal pigeon droppings all over the floor, I think we were both ready to run straight for the hills and back to our trusty rented property in Clapham. Continue reading