Sloes 3 – Blackberries 1

As I may have mentioned more than once or twice(!), M and I have just made the big leap north of the river and are now residing in Walthamstow. Having lived in London for 3 years, and all of those in Clapham in the south west, it’s fair to say my knowledge of north of the river is little to non-existent.


Step forward Frankie who suggested that we went blackberrying last weekend. Blackberrying in Wathamstow? Sounds unlikely, but not when you live 5 minutes from the idyll of Epping Forrest. Continue reading


Burger Wars: Patty&Bun

It’s been a while since my last burger wars post. Isn’t life annoying? You want to be a good blogger and visit as many burger joints as possible, but work, life, and other people’s social plans get in the way of your hunt for the perfect burger.


This means I have to take the opportunity when I can get it. Last Monday, after work, M and I walked past Patty&Bun. Now I know in this rapidly moving food scene in London, going to Patty&Bun can hardly be called current as it’s been open for at least a year, but I’m not pretending to be at the forefront of London’s burger scene, rather I’m visiting them at a sedentary, relaxed, snail’s pace. Continue reading

Hele Corn Mill and Tea Room

One reason I love going to Devon is because of their famous cream teas. When Caz and I spent a week at Croyde Bay we knew that a cream tea or two would be inevitable. It would just be a matter of where and when.


Devon is full of stunning, winding narrow lanes surrounded by high hedges on each side. The best way to explore is by bike, so one day we visited Ilfracombe with the intention of hiring bikes. My first mistake was asking a local person where I could borrow said bike. They pointed me in the direction of a strange shop selling the oddest mix of things ever – from old cassette disks to fancy dress costumes. The guy lent us two of the worst bikes possible complete with rusty chains, flat tyres, broken brakes. But being so very British and always painfully polite we said nothing and began our ‘day’ of cycling. Continue reading

Hello House

As I’ve been alluding to over the past few weeks, M and I have just bought our first place together. I described here why we picked Walthamstow, but now I think it’s about time to introduce you to our humble abode.


This is not it – this is the fabulous William Morris Gallery! I didn’t want to add a picture of our place as the cover shot because it has Right Move stamped across it

We had a vague check list we wanted to meet when we were hunting for our home: Continue reading

The Next Candle

As I must have mentioned literally a million times before, I am total scented candle addict.

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 08.42.51

Actually, I’m more obsessed with making my home smell amazing. I’ve always wanted one of those houses where you walk in and go ‘mmmmm, your house smells really good!’ Okay, so I’m sounding pretty crazy right now, but filling my house with scents has become even more of an obsession since we moved house. Continue reading